Our mantra - “Wisdom is Knowledge Applied.”

RXG was created in 2016, when RAMMS INDIA and XYLEM RESOURCE MANAGEMENT merged its services together to offer its clients an integrated bouquet of retail services.

With over several decades of cumulative experience, we are able to effectively combine global best practices with localised retail strategy and design concepts that provide an enhanced retail experience for shoppers.

RXG is focused on providing a holistic solution to Retail service entities and Brand manufacturers, with 5 core areas of specialization: –

Retail Advisory | Shopper Marketing | Design | Managed Services | Training

RAMMS started operations over two-and-a-half decades ago, as part of an Integrated Communications Group (The MAA Group).

Ramms transformed into a ‘Shopper Marketing’ specialist over a decade ago.
Since then Ramms has been pioneering this practice by combining shopper insights, retailer and brand objectives to develop thought-led strategy and design to influence buying behaviour along the path to purchase.

We have an intimate knowledge of the Indian market and have been pioneers in transforming the Indian retail landscape.

We create solutions for traditional, modern and “omni channel” trade formats, specific to the Indian subcontinent. With offices across the nation, we take pride in being known as India’s leading ‘RETAIL EXPERTS’.

Founded by Gautam Chowdhury, XYLEM was incubated within RAMMS in 2005, as a consulting services division. Today, XYLEM is an independent company that provides managed services including Sales Force Management, Retail Merchandising Services and audits for the retail industry.

The company’s mission was to provide an effective combination of people, processes and technology to achieve operational efficiencies and create the perfect culmination for Sales Force Management.

As sales enabling specialists, the XYLEM team focuses on skilling people enabling performance improvements whilst offering an independent and efficiently managed sales team.

XYLEM also provides retail visibility and audit services for retail brands.

Use of technology has been at the core of building and managing extended sales teams.
With a national footprint, we have the requisite infrastructure to build and manage large sales forces across the country.