CLIENT: Pearl Mineral Pvt Ltd

TASK: Developing a Brand and a Retail Identity for an existing exporter of Natural Stones. We were commissioned to create an experience Centre for the brand.

CONCEPT RECOMMENDATION: Brand GRAAVAA (meaning Stone in Sanskrit) was created and positioned as a Leader in Natural Stones.We advised Graavaa to also offer consultancy and advise on selection and maintenance of Natural stones.

ENVIRONMENT DESIGN: The space was designed to offer a unique Experience of Natural Stones. The various zones were created in modern architectural settings that inspired ideas for applications in homes. The zones were constructed on a modular framework which were replaceable to enable the store to be refreshed from time to time.

CLIENT: PepsiCo Foods | Brand: Aliva a Baked Savoury Cracker

TASK: Development and Execution of a Launch Strategy for Modern Trade Channels.

CONCEPT DEVELOPED: At a time when consumers were shifting towards healthy eating, the ingredient story and preparation became the key driver to engage the customer

COMMUNICATION DESIGN STRATEGY: Creation of a Focal Point to communicate the core ingredient story and intervention at key touch points in the store to reinforce the story and navigate the shoppers to the Focal Point.

CLIENT: PepsiCo| Brand: Nimbooz, Fresh Lime Juice

TASK: Development and Execution of a Launch Strategy for Modern Trade Channels.

CONCEPT DEVELOPED: Fresh Lime juice is a popular Indian drink during the summer months. Typically sold on roadsides in India for the customer on the go. We simulated a similar situation in the store lobby, drawing a lot of attention and creating a buzz during the launch of the product.

COMMUNICATION DESIGN STRATEGY: A typical Vendor’s Push Cart with a wooden lime press plus an earthenware container were the key visual elements that stimulated the desire to have “Nimbu Pani” (Fresh Lime Juice).

CLIENT: Marico | Brand: Saffola Oats

TASK: Since this was Marico’s first entry into the category, we had to develop a launch strategy to establish a differentiated position in the category and drive shopper trials.

CONCEPT RECOMMENDATION: Based on consumer and shopper studies the inference derived was that oats was not a palatable option for breakfast. The concept of “DO MORE WITH SAFFOLA OATS” was the outcome to the insights gathered.

COMMUNICATION DESIGN STRATEGY: “Do More with Saffola Oats” was a method to communicate interesting recipes, for the home maker. Disruption was created in the category to draw attention and induce trials. The measured outcome of this exercise showed an extremely positive response from shopper.


TASK:TASK: Development of a concept, a theme and Spatial Design Layout. The centre was to showcase 3M’s different business divisions and technologies.

CONCEPT DEVELOPED: Our deep understanding of 3M’s business led us to realise that each of their divisions touched our lives in several ways. The theme developed was “Imitating Life” (Biomimicry). Each business division was represented by a defined area and the entire space was linked to create a common 3M story.

DESIGN EXECUTION: Increased awareness of 3M’s innovation and technologies pertaining to diverse industry sectors in a limited space of 500 sqm. State of the art digital media blending with physical applications, demonstration led interactive displays were utilised to give the customer an immersive experience of discovering 3M’s innovation and technologies. This gave the customer a much bigger picture of 3M’s role as defined in “Science Applied to Life”.

CLIENT: Hewlett Packard

TASK:To start and manage an extended sales force from scratch for the consumer and commercial sales division of HP India.

The RXG proprietary ROME™ model RECRUIT | OPERATE | MEASURE | EDUCATE: “ENHANCE” our indigenously developed Web and Mobile Application is extensively used for the effective administration and monitoring of the sales force.

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS: Actively managing a sales force of around 1500 people across 960 locations covering 1200 retail outlets and 25000 channel partners Successfully managing the program since 2005

CLIENT: Abbott Nutrition

TASK:Enhancement of Retail Management skills of key Frontline Managers to improve performance and drive leadership at Retail

METHODOLOGY USED: Developed a customised program for Abbott Nutrition, after understanding their key marketing challenges and market dynamics. The course content was tailored for their key managers using simulated workshops. A Twopart Training workshop which combined conceptual learning with application.

KEY TAKE AWAY: A unique immersive style of training, culminated in front line managers coming away charged with new ideas and approaches to deal with their customers and drawing up an effective joint business plan.